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J&J Vaccine Plus Gilead Immune Booster Shows Promise as HIV Fighter

An experimental HIV vaccine from Johnson & Johnson combined with an immune system booster from Gilead Sciences Inc showed promise at keeping the virus at bay in monkeys even after treatments had stopped, marking yet another step toward the development of a so-called functional cure for HIV.

Both companies are currently testing the products separately in early-stage trials in people with HIV.

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Source: Reuters, from Drug Discory & Development Newsletter http://www.dddmag.com/industry-brief/2016/11/j-j-vaccine-plus-gilead-immune-booster-shows-promise-hiv-fighter?et_cid=5671205&et_rid=1049968299&type=cta&et_cid=5671205&et_rid=1049968299&linkid=content

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